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Top Read Articles
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Top-25 Most-Read Articles in 2017

Financial Ratios, Discriminant Analysis, and the Prediction of Corporate Bankruptcy
Edward I. Altman
Volume 23, Issue 4
September 1968

The Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns
Eugene F. Fama, Kenneth R. French
Volume 47, Issue 2
June 1992

The Determinants of Capital Structure Choice
Sheridan Titman, Roberto Wessels
Volume 43, Issue 1
March 1988

The Capital Structure Puzzle
Stewart C. Myers
Volume 39, Issue 3
July 1984

The Modern Industrial Revolution, Exit, and the Failure of Internal Control Systems
Michael C. Jensen
Volume 22, Issue 1
Winter 2010

The Theory of Capital Structure
Milton Harris, Artur Raviv
Volume 46, Issue 1
March 1991

On Persistence in Mutual Fund Performance
Mark M. Carhart
Volume 52, Issue 1
March 1997

What Doesn't Kill You Will Only Make You More Risk-Loving: Early-Life Disasters and CEO Behavior
Gennaro Bernile, Vineet Bhagwat, P. Raghavendra Rau
Volume 72, Issue 1
February 2017

Who Are the Value and Growth Investors?
Sebastien Betermier, Laurent E. Calvet, Paolo Sodini
Volume 72, Issue 1
February 2017

Social Capital, Trust, and Firm Performance: The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility during the Financial Crisis
Karl V. Lins, Henri Servaes, Ane Tamayo
Volume 72, Issue 4
August 2017

Capital Asset Prices: A Theory of Market Equilibrium Under Conditions of Risk
William F. Sharpe
Volume 19, Issue 3
September 1964

Does the Stock Market Overreact?
Werner F. M. De Bondt, Richard Thaler
Volume 40, Issue 3
July 1985

Compensation and Incentives: Practice vs. Theory
George P. Baker, Michael C. Jensen, Kevin J. Murphy
Volume 43, Issue 3
July 1988

Are Investors Reluctant to Realize Their Losses?
Terrance Odean
Volume 53, Issue 5
October 1998

A Survey of Corporate Governance
Andrei Shleifer, Robert W. Vishny
Volume 52, Issue 2
June 1997

Asset Pricing without Garbage
Tim A. Kroencke
Volume 72, Issue 1
February 2017

Corporate Ownership Around the World
Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez-De-Silanes, Andrei Shleifer
Volume 54, Issue 2
April 1999

Risk Management: Coordinating Corporate Investment
Kenneth A. Froot, David S. Scharfstein, Jeremy C. Stein
Volume 48, Issue 5
December 1993

CEO Overconfidence and Corporate Investment
Ulrike Malmendier, Geoffrey Tate
Volume 60, Issue 6
December 2005

What Do We Know about Capital Structure? Some Evidence from International Data
Raghuram G. Rajan, Luigi Zingales
Volume 50, Issue 5
December 1995

Investor Sentiment and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns
Malcolm Baker, Jeffrey Wurgler
Volume 61, Issue 4
August 2006

On the Pricing of Corporate Debt: The Risk Structure of Interest Rates
Robert C. Merton
Volume 29, Issue 2
May 1974

Does Academic Research Destroy Stock Return Predictability?
R. David McLean, Jeffrey Pontiff
Volume 71, Issue 1
February 2016

Multifactor Explanations of Asset Pricing Anomalies
Eugene F. Fama, Kenneth R. French
Volume 51, Issue 1
March 1996

The Real Effects of Credit Ratings: The Sovereign Ceiling Channel
Heitor Almeida, Igor Cunha, Miguel A. Ferreira, Felipe Restrepo
Volume 72, Issue 1
February 2017

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