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Videos of the AFA presidential addresses (2008-17), expert interviews and tributes, and the annual meetings.

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Annual Meeting Videos

Videos of the AFA annual business meetings from 2005-2017.

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Masters of Finance Videos

In 2004, The American Finance Association Board approved a project to record aspects of the History of Finance. Stephen Buser was appointed Historian with the mission to produce video interviews with important contributors to financial economic knowledge. Read more about the History of Finance project, or click on watch videos below to continue to the interview and tribute videos.

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Presidential Address Videos

At each of the annual meetings since 2008 we have filmed the presidential address. Those videos are available here in our archive. You can watch the most recent presidential address here, along with previous addresses concering discount rates, asset price dynamics with slow-moving capital, sophisticated investors and market efficiency, and the cost of active investing. 

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