Paper Submission 2018

The paper submission site for the 2018 American Finance Association annual meeting, to be held January 5-7 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is now open. Submit your paper through the Conference Maker website.

There is no paper submission fee, but please note that (1) you and all your co-authors must be AFA members for a paper to be considered and (2) you may only submit one paper although you can be a co-author on other submitted papers.

Submissions must be made by midnight (EST) March 15, 2017 via Conference Maker (note that updates and changes can be made to papers after they have submitted). Decisions will be sent by May 31 to the author who submits the paper.

Important: ALL authors of a submitted paper must be current members of the AFA. If you are not currently an AFA member, you can join online. For questions regarding your membership status, please email

FAQ for the Paper Submission Process

The 2018 AFA Annual Meeting paper submission process will be hosted by Conference Maker. (The paper submission mechanics for AFA conferences are entirely separate from the Journal of Finance paper submission process.)

The notes below are intended to answer questions that might arise in the submission process.

  • ALL authors must be AFA members for a paper to be considered
  • Each individual may only submit one paper (although they can be a co-author on other submitted papers).
  • You may include author information on the paper that is submitted (submissions do not need to be "blind")
  • The paper submission website works best with Chrome or Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer, please make sure that you do not use any special characters (e.g.: ä or é) when you are entering information into the form fields. You will receive a warning after you submit your paper reminding you to take a look at your entries, just in case any of the characters weren’t recognized.
  • In the “Area” field, please choose the topic that most closely matches the topic of your paper. You must select at least one Area, and you have the option of selecting a primary and a secondary Area.
  • After you click on the submit button, there will be some text at the top of the next page telling you that your paper is uploading. Immediately after that, you will have a line that tells you whether or not your submission was successful. If it is, then the submission process is done.
  • You can check that your paper was uploaded correctly by clicking on the "My Submissions" link in the navigation bar.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Annette Clark for assistance.

Last revised: January 20, 2017

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