• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 92-119
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1952.tb01526.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Inventories and Business Cycles. By Moses Abramovitz.

Financial Organization and Management of Business. By Charles W. Gerstenberg.

Effects of Taxation, Executive Compensation, and Retirement Plans. By Challis A. Hall, Jr.

Investment Principles and Practices. By Ralph Eastman Badger and Harry G. Guthmann.

Investment Analysis and Management. By Lester V. Plum and Joseph H. Humphrey, Jr.

Money in a Maelstrom. By J. W. Beyen.

American Monetary Policy. By E. A. Goldenweiser.

Business Cycles. By D. Hamberg.

Income and Wealth. By Erik Lundberg, ed.

American Financial Institutions. By Herbert V. Prochnow.

Life Insurance Mathematics. By Robert E. Larson and Erwin A. Gaumnitz.

Life Insurance. By John H. Magee.

Mathematics of Finance. By Albert E. May.

Modern Life Insurance. By Robert I. Mehr and Robert W. Osler.

The Nature and Tax Treatment of Capital Gains and Losses. By Lawrence H. Seltzer.

Taxable and Business Income. By Dan Throop Smith and J. Keith Butters.

Commercial Treaties and Agreements. By Harry C. Hawkins.

The Balance of Payments. By J. E. Meade.

Urban Real Estate Markets: Characteristics and Financing. By Ernest M. Fisher.

Land Planning Law in a Free Society. By Charles M. Haar.

The Prefabrication of Houses. By Burnham Kelly.

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