• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 431-452
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1954.tb01256.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Financial Public Relations: For the Business Corporation. By Herman S. Hettinger

The Role of Mergers in the Growth of Large Firms. By J. Fred Weston.

Personal Finance: Principles and Case Problems. By Arthur Hanson and Jerome Cohen.

Trends in Consumer Finance. By M. R. Neifeld.

Speculative and Flight Movements of Capital in Postwar International Finance. By Arthur I. Bloomfield

Foreign Exchange in the Postwar World. By Raymond F. Mikesell

National Incomes and International Trade. By Hans Neisser and Franco Modigliani.

An International Economic System. By Jacques J. Polak.

Introduction to International Economics. By Delbert A. Snider.

Characteristics of Transactions on the Over‐the‐Counter Markets. By Morris Hamburg, Stanley Schor, and Willis Winn.

Regularization of Business Investment. By Universities‐National Bureau Committee for Economic Research.

The Dollar. By Roy F. Harrod.

The Economics of Recession and Revival. By Kenneth D. Roose.

Principles and Practices of Money and Banking. By Charles R. Whittlesey.

Effects of Taxation: Investments by Individuals. By J. Keith Butters, Lawrence Thompson, and Lynn Bollinger.

Taxation in the United States. By Randolph E. Paul.

Federal State Local Tax Correlation. A symposium conducted by the Tax Institute.

Real Estate Finance. By Henry E. Hoagland.

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