• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 500-525
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1957.tb04166.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Business Finance: Robert Oliver, Merchant of Baltimore, 1783–1819. By Stuart W. Bruchey.

Corporate Finance. By Elvin F. Donaldson.

Patterns of Farm Financial Structure. By Donald C. Horton.

Modern Corporation Finance. By William H. Husband and James D. Dockeray.

A Case Study of Balloting Regulation: The Boston and Maine Recapitalizes, 1948–1953. By Robert L. Masson.

Essays on Business Finance. By Merwin H. Waterman et al.

Consumer Finance: Financing the American Consumer. By Carl A. Dauten.

Insurance: Trends and Problems in the Distribution of Property‐Liability Insurance. By John S. Bickley.

Group Life Insurance. By Davis W. Gregg.

Casualty Insurance: An Analysis of Hazards, Policies, Insurers and Rates. By C. A. Kulp.

Investments: The Stock Market. By George L. Leffler.

The Role of Regional Security Exchanges. By James E. Walter.

Money and Banking: Business Forecasting in Practice: Principles and Cases. Edited by Adolph G. Abramson and Russell H. Mack.

Studies in the Quantity Theory of Money. Edited by Milton Friedman.

Economic Growth and Instability. By D. Hamberg.

The Savings Bank of Baltimore, 1818–1866: A Historical and Analytical Study. By Peter L. Payne and L. E. Davis.

Money and Banking. By Charles L. Prather

The Detroit Money Market, 1934–1955. By G. Walter Woodworth.

Public Finance: Social Security and Public Policy. By Eveline M. Burns.

1957 U.S. Excise Tax Guide. By Commerce Clearing House.

Regional Income: Studies in Income and Wealth. By Conference on Research in Income and Wealth.

The Estate Tax. By James B. Lewis.

State Retail Sales Taxation, By Clinton V. Oster.

Economic and Social Security: Public and Private Measures against Economic Insecurity. By J. C. Turnbull, C. A. Williams, and E. F. Cheit.

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