• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 94-118
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1957.tb04121.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Business Finance: The Fundamentals of Financial Management. By Carl A. Dauten.

Policy Formation in Railroad Finance: Refinancing the Burlington, 1936–1945. By John Tettemer O'Neil.

La Technique du financement des enterprises. By Urbain J. Vaes.

Consumer Finance: The Federal Credit Union: Policy and Practice. By John T. Croteau.

The Role of Factoring in Modern Business Finance. By Clyde Williams Phelps.

Insurance: Total Disability Provisions in Life Insurance Contracts. By Kenneth W. Herrick.

Life Insurance Housing Projects. By Robert E. Schultz.

The Administration of Health Insurance in Canada. By Malcolm G. Taylor.

International Finance: The Sterling Area in the Postwar World: Internal Mechanism and Cohesion, 1946–1952. By Philip W. Bell.

Private Foreign Investment: Legal and Economic Realities. By Seymour J. Rubin.

Investments: Appraisal and Management of Securities. By Douglas A. Hayes.

Life Insurance Stocks as Investments. By James T. S. Porterfield.

The Accumulation of Capital. By Joan Robinson.

Save It, Invest It, and Retire. By Donald I. Rogers.

Money and Banking: Financial Institutions. Edited by Erwin W. Boehmler.

The Economics of Repressed Inflation. By Harold Karr Charlesworth.

Economics of Money and Banking. By George N. Halm.

Money, Banking, and National Income. By J. Whitney Hanks and Roland Stucki.

Can Prosperity Be Sustained? Policies for Full Employment and Full Production without Price Inflation in a Free Economy. By Neil H. Jacoby.

Money, Interest, and Prices: An Integration of Monetary and Value Theory. By Don Patinkin.

Country Banking in the Industrial Revolution. By L. S. Pressnell.

Measuring Business Changes. By Richard M. Snyder.

Public Finance: Théorie économique et psychologique des finances publiques. By Henry Laufen‐Burger.

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