• Author(s): M. A. Kriz
  • Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 442-467
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1958.tb04213.x

Accounts Receivable Financing as a Method of Business Finance. By Clyde Williams Phelps.

Personal and Family Finance. By Joseph F. Bradley and Ralph H. Wherry.

The Family in a Money World. By Frances L. Feldman.

Balances and Imbalances of Payments. By Geoffrey Crowther

The World Dollar Problem. By Donald MacDougall.

International Monetary Policy. By W. M. Scammell.

Europe and the Money Muddle: From Bilateralism to Near‐Convertibility, 1947–1956. By Robert Triffin.

The Investment Decision: An Empirical Study. By John R. Meyer and Edwin Kuh.

U.S. Investments in the Latin American Economy. By Samuel Pizer and Frederick Cutler.

Central Banking in Mexico: Monetary Policies and Financial Crises, 1864–1940. By Virgil M. Bett.

Money of Their Own: The Great Counterfeiters. By Murray Teigh Bloom.

Outline of Monetary Economics. By A. C. L. Day.

Business Cycles and Economic Policy. By Erik Lundberg.

The Farmers Bank, 1807–1957. By Dudley C. Lunt.

Fluctuations, Growth, and Forecasting: The Principles of Dynamic Business Economics. By Sherman J. Maisel.

Central Banking after Bagehot. By R. S. Sayers.

Our Modern Banking and Monetary System. By Rollin G. Thomas.

Taxation in the United Kingdom. By Walter W. Brundo and Frank Bower.

Tax Factors in Basing International Business Abroad. By William J. Gibbons.

Taxation in Mexico. By Henry J. Gumpel and Hugo B. Margain.

Japan's Finance and Taxation, 1940–1956. By Saburo Shiomi.

Financing Highways: A Symposium Conducted by the Tax Institute.

Business Enterprise and the City. By Mabel Walker.

Residential Finance, 1950. By R. U. Ratcliff, D. B. Rathbun, and J. Honnold.

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