• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 123-149
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1958.tb04184.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Business Finance: Jay Gould: His Business Career, 1867–1892. By Julius Grodinsky.

Business Finance: Financing Goods. By Albert G. Sweetser.

Consumer Finance: Consumer Instalment Credit. Sponsored by the Board of Governors ofthe Federal Reserve System.

Insurance: Life Insurance. By Joseph B. Maclean.

Insurance: General Insurance. By John H. Magee.

Insurance: Principles of Insurance. By Robert I. Mehr and Emerson Cammack.

International Finance: International Economics. By Jack N. Behrman and Wilson E. Schmidt.

International Finance: International Economics. By Stephen Enke and Virgil Salera.

International Finance: Problems in the International Comparison of Economic Accounts. By Conference on Research in Income and Wealth.

International Finance: Income and Wealth: Series VI. Edited by Milton Gilbert and Richard Stone.

International Finance: Establishment of the International Finance Corporation and the United States Policy. By B. E. Matecki.

International Finance: Britain's Postwar Dollar Problem. By Elliot Zupnick.

Investments: Problems of Capital Formation: Concepts, Measurement and Controlling Factors. By the Conference on Research in Income and Wealth.

Money and Banking: Banks and Politics in America from the Revolution to the Civil War. By Bray Hammond.

Money and Banking: Principles of Money and Banking. By Hiram L. Jome.

Money and Banking: The Problem of the Monetary Unit. By Karl Olivecrona.

Money and Banking: The American Bankers Association, Its Past and Present. By Wilbert M. Schneider.

Money and Banking: Counterfeiting in Colonial America. By Kenneth Scott.

Money and Banking: French Banking Structure and Credit Policy. By J. S. G. Wilson.

Public Finance: The Theory and Working of Union Finance in India. By R. N. Bhargava.

Public Finance: Retirement Policies under Social Security. By Wilbur J. Cohen.

Public Finance: Taxation in Brazil. By Henry J. Gumpel and Ruben Gomes de Sousa.

Public Finance: Industrial Tax‐Exemption in Puerto Rico. By Milton C. Taylor.

Real Estate Finance: Capital Formation hi Residential Real Estate: Trends and Prospects. By Leo Grebler, David M. Blank, and Louis Winnick.

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