• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 103-130
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1959.tb00502.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Business Finance: Basic Business Finance: Text and Cases. By Pearson Hunt, C. M. Williams, and G. Donaldson.

Business Finance: Share Price Indices in Australia. By D. McL. Lamberton.

Business Finance: Quasi‐Reorganization. By James S. Schindler.

Consumer Finance: Buy or Rent? By William I. Greenwald.

Consumer Finance: Make Your Income Count. By Donald Rogers.

Insurance: Compulsory Temporary Disability Insurance in the United States. By Grant M. Osborn.

Insurance: Group Disability Insurance. By Jesse P. Pickrell.

International Finance: The International Economy. By P. T. Ellsworth.

International Finance: Economic Development. By Charles P. Kindleberger.

International Finance: The Bank for International Settlements. By Henry C. Schloss.

International Finance: Introduction to International Economics. By Delbert A. Snider.

Investments: American Investment in British Manufacturing Industry. By John H. Dunning.

Investments: Income Growth with Security: The Formula‐Plan Solution. By Sherman F. Feyler.

Investments: Corporate Bond Quality and Investor Experience. By W. Braddock Hickman.

Money and Banking: The Monetary and Fiscal Policy of India. By K. C. Chacko.

Money and Banking: Business Cycles and Economic Growth. By James S. Duesenberry.

Money and Banking: Financial Intermediaries in the American Economy since 1900. By Raymond W. Goldsmith.

Money and Banking: Modern Banking. By R. S. Sayers.

Public Finance: Taxation in Australia. By Walter W. Brudno

Public Finance: Public Principles of Public Debt: A Defense and Restatement. By James M. Buchanan.

Public Finance: Financing Government. By Harold M. Groves.

Public Finance: The Income‐Tax Burden on Stockholders. By Daniel M. Holland.

Public Finance: Classics in the Theory of Public Finance. Edited by Richard A. Musgrave and Alan T. Peacock.

Public Finance: A Tax Program for Small Business: How Should Small Corporations Be Taxed? By George E. Lent.

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