• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 96-122
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1960.tb04852.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Business Finance: Organizing and Financing Business. By Joseph H. Bonneville, Lloyd E. Dewey, and Harry M. Kelly.

Corporation Finance. By Floyd F. Burtchett and Clifford M. Hicks, with the assistance of K. L. Broman.

Financial Organization and Management of Business. By Charles W. Gerstenberg.

Corporation Finance. By Richards C. Osborn.

Jim Fisk: The Career of an Improbable Rascal. By W. A. Swanberg.

Insurance: Insurance: Principles and Practices. By Frank Joseph Angell.

Health Insurance. By O. D. Dickerson.

Price Discrimination in Property and Liability Insurance. By C. Arthur Williams, Jr.

Foreign Trade and Finance. Edited by William R. Allen and Clark Lee Allen.

Balance of Payments and Economic Growth. By J. M. Letiche.

Investments: Making Money in Today's Market. By Ralph C. Epstein.

Investment Management. By Harry C. Sauvain.

Investment in Producing Oil Royalties. By Carl S. Webber and Walter S. Sachs, Jr.

Money and Banking: Business Loans of American Commercial Banks. Edited by Benjamin Haggott Beckhart.

The Bank That Banks Built: The Story of Savings Banks Trust Company, 1933–1958. By Adolf A. Berle, Jr.

Economic Fluctuations: Growth and Stablity. By Maurice W. Lee.

Business Conditions Analysis. By John P. Lewis.

A General Theory of the Price Level, Output, Income Distribution, and Economic Growth. By Sidney Weintraub.

Public Finance: Government Finance: An Economic Analysis. By John F. Due.

Federal Budget and Fiscal Policy, 1789–1958. By Lewis H. Kimmel.

Public Finance. Edited by Richard W. Lindholm.

The Theory of Public Finance: A Study in Public Economy. By Richard A. Musgrave.

Readings in the Economics of Taxation. Edited by Richard A. Musgrave and Carl S. Shoup.

Taxation of Agricultural Lands in Underdeveloped Economies. By Haskell P. Wald.

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