• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 583-612
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1960.tb02784.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Business Finance: Corporate Financial Management. By Raymond P. Kent.

Die Behandlung praktischer Fäller im betriebswirtschwaftlichen Hochschulunterricht (“The Use of Practical Cases for the Teaching of Business Administration in Institutions of Higher Learning”). By Erich Kosiol.

Consumer Finance: Consumer and Commercial Credit Management. By Robert H. Cole and Robert S. Hancock.

Insurance: The Economics of Life Insurance. By S. S. Huebner.

International Finance: Économie financière. By Hubert Brochier and Pierre Tabatoni.

The Canadian Economy, By Richard E. Caves and Richard H. Holton.

Budgeting in Public Authorities. By a Study Group of the Royal Institute of Public Administration.

The Fiscal System of Venezuela: A Report. By Carl S. Shoup, John F. Due, Lyle C. Fitch, Sir Donald MacDougall, Oliver S. Oldman, and Stanley S. Surrey.

Canada in the World Economy. By John A. Stovel.

Investments: The Evaluation of Common Stocks. By Arnold Bernhard.

Charles H. Dow and the Dow Theory. By George W. Bishop, Jr.

The Story of Investment Companies. By Hugh Bullock.

Investing in American Industries. Edited by Lester V. Plum.

Common Stocks and Business Cycles. By Edgar Lawrence Smith.

Money and Banking: Commodity Reserve Currency: The Graham‐Goudriaan Proposal for Stabilizing Incomes of Primary Commodity Producers. By E. M. Harmon.

Profitable Banking. By Clifford L. Hufsmith.

The Business Cycle. By R. C. O. Matthews.

Bank Deposits and Legal Reserve Requirements. By Frank E. Norton and Neil H. Jacoby. Los

Money, Credit, and Public Policy. By Lawrence Smith.

The New Inflation. By Willard L. Thorp and Richard E. Quandt.

Public Finance: State Income Differentials, 1919–1954. By Frank A. Hanna.

Finanztheorie und Finanzsoziologie. By Fritz Karl Mann.

The National Debt Ceiling: An Experiment in Fiscal Policy. By Marshall A. Robinson.

Depreciation and Taxes. By Tax Institute Symposium.

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