• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 120-150
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1961.tb02810.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Business Finance: The Capital Budgeting Decision. By Harold Bierman, Jr., and Seymour Smidt.

Capital, Interest, and Profits. By B. S. Keirstead.

Insurance: Health Insurance. By Edwin J. Faulkner.

The Variable Annuity: Its Impact on the Savings‐Investment Market. By Cedric V. Fricke.

International Finance: Debt Servicing Problems of Low‐Income Countries, 1956–1958. By Dragoslav Avramovic and Ravi Gulhati.

The Capital Market of India. By S. L. N. Simha.

Gold and the Dollar Crisis: The Future of Convertibility. By Robert Triffin.

Investments: Investments: Principles, Practices, and Analysis. By Douglas H. Bellemore.

Introduction to Investments. By John C. Clendenin.

Introduction to the Theory of Interest. By Joseph W. Conard.

Investments. By David F. Jordan and Herbert E. Dougall.

Money and Banking: A Proper Monetary and Banking System for the United States. Edited by James Washington Bell and Walter Earl Spahr.

Money and Income—an Outline of Monetary Economics. By A. C. L. Day and Sterie T. Beza.

A Program for Monetary Stability. By Milton Friedman.

Money in a Theory of Finance. By J. G. Gurley and E. S. Shaw, with a Mathematical Appendix by Alain C. Enthoven.

The Federal Reserve System. Edited by Herbert V. Prochnow.

Money, Banking, and Economic Welfare. By Paul B. Trescott.

Public Finance: Federal Receipts and Expenditures during Business Cycles, 1879–1958. By John M. Firestone.

Erosion of the Personal Income Tax Base in Canada and the United States. By Irving Jay Goffman.

Federal Income Taxation: Tax Principles and Tax Planning. By Robert S. Holzman.

Income Tax Exemptions. By Michael E. Levy.

The Oil Depletion Issue. By John H. Lichtblau and Dillard P. Spriggs.

Public School Finance: Its Background, Structure, and Operation. By Paul R. Mort, Walter Reusser, and John W. Polley.

Real Estate Finance: Federal Credit and Private Housing: The Mass Financing Dilemma. By Charles M. Haar.

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