• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 443-471
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1961.tb02843.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Business Finance: Security Credit: Its Economic Role and Regulation. By Jules I. Bogen and Herman E. Krooss.

The South Sea Bubble. By John Carswell.

Insurance: Social Security: Programs, Problems, and Policies. By William Haber and Wilbur J. Cohen

All Lines Insurance. Edited by Dan M. McGill.

Legal Protection of Private Pension Expectations. By Edwin W. Patterson.

Insurance. By H. E. Raynes.

International Finance: Die Filialgrossbanken: Entwicklung und Stellung im deutschen Kreditsystem. By Karl Josef Ehlen.

Geldmarkt und Geldmarktgeschäfte. By Dr. Friedhelm Höfermann.

Der deutsche Privatdiskontmarkt. By Helmut Lipfert.

British Monetary Policy and the Balance of Payments, 1951–1957. By Peter B. Kenen.

Die Basler Staatsfinanzen im Zeichen der Konsolidierung 1946–1958. By Josef Rosen. Basel

The Fiscal System of the Federal District of Venezuela: A Report. By Carl S. Shoup, C. Lowell Harriss, and William S. Vickrey.

Investments: A Study in the Theory of Investment. By Trygve Haavelmo

Investments: Analysis and Management. By Douglas A. Hayes

Postwar Market for State and Local Government Securities. By Roland I. Robinson.

The Economic Background to Investment. By H. B. Rose.

Money and Banking: The Federal Reserve Discount Window. By George W. McKinney, Jr.

Money Metropolis. By Sidney M. Robbins and Nestor E. Terleckyj.

Financial Institutions. By R. I. Robinson, E. W. Boehmler, F. H. Gane, and L. C. Farwell.

Modern Banking. By R. S. Sayers. 5th ed.

Public Finance: The Question of Government Spending. By Francis M. Bator.

Fiscal Theory and Political Economy. By James M. Buchanan

Public Finance and the General Welfare. By Troy J. Cauley

Fiscal Policy for Stable Growth: A Study in Dynamic Macroeconomics. By Challis A. Hall, Jr.

Public Finance in Theory and Practice. By A. R. Prest.

Ricardo on Taxation. By Carl S. Shoup.

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