• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 147-173
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1962.tb04262.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Business Finance: Business Cycles and Forecasting. By Elmer Clark Bratt.

Insurance: The Economic Impact of Federal Loan Insurance. By George F. Break.

Insurance: Its Theory and Practice in the United States. By Albert H. Mowbray and Ralph H. Blanchard.

Commercial Credit Insurance as a Management Tool. By Clyde William Phelps.

International Finance: Grants, Loans, and Local Currencies … Their Role in Foreign Aid. By Robert E. Asher.

Joint International Business Ventures. Edited by Wolfgang G. Friedmann and George Kalmanoff.

The Canadian Dollar, 1950–1958. By Paul Wonnacott.

Investments: Investments. By George W. Dowrie, Douglas R. Fuller, and Francis J. Calkins.

Information and Investment. By G. B. Richardson.

Money and Banking: Money in Motion. By Arthur Dahlberg.

Economics of Money and Banking, By George N. Halm.

Money and Banking. By C. Lowell Harriss.

What Price Economic Growth? Edited by Klaus Knorr and William J. Baumol.

Growth and Prosperity without Inflation. By John P. Wernette.

Public Finance: The Role of Debt in the Economy. By Helen J. Cooke.

Taxes for the Schools. By Roger A. Freeman.

The Tax Exemption of Cooperatives. By Robert T. Patterson.

Real Estate Finance: Real Estate Finance. By Henry E. Hoagland and Leo D. Stone.

The Postwar Residential Mortgage Market. By Saul B. Klaman.

Related Disciplines: Conceptual Foundations of Business. By Richard Eels and Clarence Walton.

Probability: A First Course. By Frederick Mosteller, Robert E. K. Rourke, and George B. Thomas, Jr.

Probability with Statistical Applications. By Frederick Mosteller, Robert E. K. Rourke, and George B. Thomas, Jr.

Keynesian Economics in the Stream of Economic Thought. By Harlan L. McCracken.

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