Book Reviews

  • Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 683-706
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1962.tb04352.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Business Finance: Modern Corporation Finance. By William H. Husband and James C. Dock‐eray.

Financial Planning and Policy. By Ernest W. Walker and William H. Baughn.

Accounts Receivable Financing as a Method of Securing Business Loans. By Clyde William Phelps.

Administering the Going Concern: Cases in Business Policy. By L. L. Waters, Wayne G. Broehl, Jr., Charles H. Spencer, and Ray M. Powell.

Managerial Finance. By J. Fred Weston.

International Finance: Development of the Emerging Countries: An Agenda for Research. By Robert E. Asher

The Development of the Indian Economy. By W. B. Reddaway.

Investments: United States Manufacturing Investment in Brazil: The Impact of Brazilian Government Policies, 1946–1960. By Lincoln Gordon and Engelbert L. Grommers.

Statistical Measures of Corporate Bond Financing since 1900. By W. Braddock Hickman, with the assistance of Elizabeth T. Simpson.

Investment Analysis and Management. By Lester V. Plum, Joseph H. Humphrey, Jr., and John W. Bowyer, Jr.

Money and Banking: A Survey of Contemporary Banking Trends. By S. K. Basu.

Opinion on Bank Rate, 1822–60. By A. B. Cramp.

Money, Banking, and Monetary Policy. By Clifton H. Kreps, Jr.

The Management of Bank Funds. By Roland I. Robinson.

Grundriss der Währungspolitik. By Otto Veit.

Public Finance: The Share of Top Wealth‐Holders in National Wealth, 1922–1956. By Robert J. Lampman.

Montgomery's Federal Taxes. By Members of the Organization of Lybrand, Ross Bros. & Montgomery.

Real Estate Finance: Housing, People, and Cities. By Martin Meyerson, Barbara Terrett, and William L. C. Wheaton.

Related Disciplines: The Sources of Economic Growth in the United States and the Alternatives before Us. By Edward F. Denison.

Revolution, Evolution, and the Economic Order. By Allen M. Sievers.

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