• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 570-597
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1963.tb02862.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Business Finance: Financial Management. By Robert W. Johnson.

Sources of Credit and Capital for Washington State Businesses. By Vincent M. Jolivet.

Elements of Financial Administration. Edited by John L. O'Donnell and Milton S. Goldberg.

Cases in Capital Budgeting. By Robert F. Vandell and Richard F. Vancil.

Insurance: Portfolio Selection: A Simulation of Trust Investment. By Geoffrey P. E. Clarkson.

Valuation of Securities Holdings of Life Insurance Companies. By Harold G. Fraine.

International Finance: Plans for Reform of the International Monetary System. By Fritz Machlup.

Investments: A Study of Mutual Funds. By Irwin Friend, F. E. Brown, Edward S. Herman, and Douglas Vickers.

The Investment, Financing, and Valuation of the Corporation. By Myron J. Gordon.

Mutual Fund and Investment Company Performance in the Fifties. By Stuart B. Mead.

Money and Banking: Die Zentralnotenbank. By Heinrich Rittershausen.

National Income and Expenditure. By Richard and Giovanna Stone.

The Quality of Bank Loans. By Albert M. Wojnilower.

Public Finance: Measures of State and Local Fiscal Capacity and Tax Effort.

Dividends under the Income Tax. By Daniel M. Holland.

Tax Credits and Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations. By James A. Maxwell.

Reappraisal of Business Taxation: A Symposium Sponsored by the Tax Institute.

Real Estate Finance: Mortgage Lending: Fundamentals and Practices. By Willis R. Bryant.

The Savings and Loan Business: Its Purposes, Functions, and Economic Justification. By Leon T. Kendall.

The Cal‐Vet Program: A Study of State Financed Housing in California. By Edward L. Rada.

Selected Cases and Problems in Real Estate. By Leonard P. Vidger.

Related Disciplines: The Business Representative in Washington. By Paul W. Cherington and Ralph L. Gillen.

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