• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 113-168
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1965.tb00199.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Aggregate Theory and Policy: The Hidden Face of Free Enterprise. By John R. Bunting.

Full Employment or Stagnation? By John M. Culbertson.

The Theory of Inflation: A Review. By A. J. Hagger.

Elements of Regional Accounts. Edited by Werner Z. Hirsch.

Leading Issues in Development Economics. Edited by Gerald M. Meier.

Income: Analysis and Policy. By Myron H. Ross.

Macrodynamic Economics—Growth, Employment and Prices. By Howard J. Sherman.

Models of Income Determination. Studies in Income and Wealth, Vol. 28.

Business Finance and Investments: Estimating the Present Value of Common Stocks by the Variable Rate Method. By W. Scott Bauman.

The Stock Markets. By Gilbert W. Cooke.

Accounting and Economic Decisions. By Donald A. Corbin.

The Demand for Liquid Assets: A Temporal Cross‐Section Analysis. By Edgar L. Feige.

The Demand for Physical Assets: Application of a Wealth Model. By Frederick S. Hammer.

Financial Analysis in Capital Budgeting. By Pearson Hunt.

The Financial Manager's Job. Edited by Elizabeth Marting and Robert E. Finley.

The Finance and Analysis of Capital Projects. By A. J. Merrett and Allen Sykes.

Readings in Financial Management. Edited by Edward J. Mock.

The Quality of Trade Credit. By Martin H. Seiden.

The Theory of Financial Management. By Ezra Solomon.

Money and Stock Prices. By Beryl Wayne Sprinkel.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Concentration and Competition in Commercial Banking: A Statistical Study. By Franklin R. Edwards.

Studies in the National Balance Sheet of the United States. Volume I and II. By Raymond W. Goldsmith and Robert E. Lipsey.

The Money Market and Monetary Management. By G. Walter Woodworth.

International Finance: The Dollar in World Affairs: An Essay in International Financial Policy. By Henry G. Aubrey.

Sterling in the Sixties. By Christopher McMahon.

International Monetary Problems, 1957–1963: Selected Speeches of Per Jacobsson.

International Monetary Arrangements: The Problem of Choice. (Report on the Deliberations of an International Study Group of 32 Economists.) Edited by Fritz Machlup and Burton G. Malkiel.

International Liquidity—A Study in the Economic Functions of Gold. By Ian Shannon.

American Growth and the Balance of Payments, 1820–1913. By Jeffrey G. Williamson.

Public Finance: Macroeconomics, Fiscal Policy, and Economic Growth. By Norman F. Keiser.

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