• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 519-578
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1965.tb02926.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Inflation and the Theory of Money. By R. J. Ball

A Primer on Money, Banking, and Gold. By Peter L. Bernstein.

Money and Credit: Impact and Control. By James S. Duesenberry.

Federal Aid to Depressed Areas: An Evaluation of the Area Redevelopment Administration. By Sar A. Levitan.

Fundamentals of Model Construction in Macro‐Economics. By Andreas G. Papandreou.

Giro Credit Transfer Systems. By F. P. Thomson.

Central Planning. By Jan Tinbergen.

The Objectives of Monetary Policy. By G. L. Reuber.

Lags in the Effect of Monetary Policy in Canada. By Harry G. Johnson and John W. L. Winder.

Monetary Policy and the Current Account of the Balance of International Payments. By Ronald A. Shearer.

The Height, Structure, and Significance of Interest Rates. By Paul Wonnacott.

Provincial and Municipal Governments and the Capital Markets. By A. W. Johnson and J. M. Andrews.

Business Finance and Investments: Investments: An Introduction to Analysis and Management. By Frederick Amling.

Corporate Finance and Fixed Investment—An Econometric Study. By H. W. Locke Anderson.

Topics in Business Finance and Accounting. By J. W. Bennett, J. McB. Grant, and R. H. Parker.

Valuation Theories and Decisions of the Securities and Exchange Commission. By Chelcie C. Bosland.

The Random Character of Stock Market Prices. Edited by Paul H. Cootner.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Housing Market Analysis and the Growth of Home Ownership. By Alvin E. Coons and Bert T. Glaze.

Readings in Financial Institutions. Edited by Marshall D. Ketchum and Leon T. Kendall.

The Impact of Valuation Requirements on the Preferred Stock Investment Policies of Life Insurance Companies. By Alden C. Olson.

Risk Management and Insurance. By C. Arthur Williams, Jr. and Richard M. Heins.

International Finance: Economic Growth and External Debt. By Dragoslav Avramovic and Associates.

Money and Finance in Africa. By Erin E. Jucker‐Fleetwood.

The Euro‐Dollar Market. By G. Carroll Martenson.

Money in the International Order. Edited by J. Carter Murphy.

Public Finance: Readings on Taxation in Developing Countries. Edited by Richard Bird and Oliver Oldman.

Taxation in Australia: Agenda for Reform. By R. I. Downing, H. W. Arndt, A. H. Boxer, and R. L. Mathews.

The Individual Income Tax. By Richard Goode.

Business and Professional Income Under the Personal Income Tax. By C. Harry Kahn.

Federal Tax Treatment of Foreign Income. By Lawrence B. Krause and Kenneth W. Dam.

Report of the Committee on Turnover Taxation. By the Richardson Committee.

The Role of Direct and Indirect Taxes in the Federal Revenue System.

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