• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 728-769
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1965.tb02946.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Development of British Monetary Orthodoxy, 1797–1875. By Frank Whitson Fetter.

Capital, Saving and Credit in Peasant Societies. Edited by Raymond Firth and B. S. Yamey.

Understanding Macro‐Economics. By Robert L. Heilbroner.

Investment Demand and U.S. Economic Growth. By Beet G. Hickman.

Capital Formation in West Germany. By Karl W. Roskamp.

Economic Myth and Reality. By Delbert A. Snider.

Business Finance and Investments: Leading World Stock Exchanges: Organization and Trading Practices. By Wilford J. Eiteman and David K. Eiteman.

Conference on Securities Regulation. Robert H. Mundheim, ed.

Essentials of Financial Management. By Ernest W. Walker.

Elements of Investments: Selected Readings. By H. K. Wu and A. J. Zakon.

Professional Accounting in 25 Countries.

Financial Institutions & Markets: Kreditnaya Sistema Sovremennovo Kapitalizma (The Credit System of Modern Capitalism): By A. V. Anikin. Moscow

The Management of Money: A Survey of American Experience. By Harold Barger.

Money, Financial Institutions, and the Economy. Edited by J. A. Crutchfield, Charles N. Hening and William Pigott.

Capital Markets and Institutions. By Herbert E. Dougall.

French Money and Capital Markets and Monetary Management. By Holger L. Engberg.

The Cyclical Behavior of the Term Structure of Interest Rates. By Reuben A. Kessel.

Money and the Economy. By John J. Klein.

Money, Banking, and Central Banking. By Richard Timberlake, Jr.

International Finance: The Dollar and the International Monetary System. By Alvin H. Hansen.

Investing Abroad. By Gerald Krefetz and Ruth Marossi.

International Payments, Debts, and Gold. By Fritz Machlup.

International Trade and Finance. By Edward Marcus and Mildred Rendl Marcus.

Public Finance: Public Finance. By Otto Eckstein.

Federal Tax Treatment of Income from Oil and Gas. By Stephen L. McDonald.

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