• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 138-167
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1966.tb02971.x

Book Reviews in this Article:

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Quantitative Planning of Economic Policy. Edited by Bert G. Hickman.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Employment Policy and the Labor Market. Edited by Arthur M. Ross.

Business Finance and Investments: Business Finance. By Louis K. Brandt.

Business Finance and Investments: Frontiers of Investment Analysis. Edited by E. Bruce Frederickson.

Business Finance and Investments: Business Finance: The Management Approach. By Richards C. Osborn.

Business Finance and Investments: The Great Boom and Panic. By Robert T. Patterson.

Financial Institutions and Markets: The Flow of Capital Funds in the Postwar Economy. By Raymond W. Goldsmith. National Bureau of Economic Research.

Financial Institutions and Markets: The Federal Reserve and the American Dollar: Problems and Policies, 1946–1964. By James L. Knipe.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Financing Real Estate. By Sherman J. Maisel.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Time Deposit Growth and the Employment of Bank Funds. By George R. Morrison and Richard T. Selden.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Money and Banking. By John G. Ranlett.

International Finance: Foreign Dollar Loans In Europe. By Paul Einzig.

Public Finance: Federal Lending and Economic Stability. By George F. Break.

Public Finance: Financing State and Local Governments. By James A. Maxwell.

Public Finance: The Tax on Value Added. By Clara K. Sullivan.

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