• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 568-611
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1966.tb00268.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Capital and Growth. By John R. Hicks.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Essays in Monetary Policy in Honor of Elmer Wood. Edited by Pinkney C. Walker.

Business Finance and Investments: Financial Accounting Theory. By Harold Bierman, Jr.

Business Finance and Investments: Investment Decisions and Capital Costs. By James T. S. Porterfield.

Financial Institutions and Markets: The Financial Sector and Economic Development: The Mexican Case. By Robert L. Bennett.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Valuations of Securities as of December 31, 1965. By Committee on Valuation of National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Analytics and Institutions of Money and Banking. By William J. Frazer, Jr. and William P. Yohe.

Financial Institutions and Markets: How to Analyze a Bank Statement. By F. L. Garcia.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Cycles in Government Securities: Determinants of Changes in Ownership. By Michael E. Levy.

Financial Institutions and Markets: California Banking in a Growing Economy: 1946–1975. Edited by Hyman P. Minsky.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Government Securities Market. By Ira O. Scott, Jr.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Readings in Money, National Income, and Stabilization Policy. Edited by Warren L. Smith and Ronald L. Teigen.

International Finance: Foreign Exchange, Capital Flows, and Monetary Policy. By E. Ray Canterbery.

International Finance: International Finance. By Richard Ward.

International Finance: Report of the Study Group on the Creation of Reserve Assets: Report to the Deputies of the Group of Ten.

Public Finance: Development Finance: Planning and Control. By Ursula K. Hicks.

Public Finance: Federal Budget Policy. By David J. Ott and Attiat F. Ott.

Public Finance: Pros and Cons of the Property Tax. By Dick Netzer.

Public Finance: Fiscal Neutrality Toward Economic Growth: Analysis of a Tax Principle. By Edmund S. Phelps.

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