• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 703-730
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1967.tb00313.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Technology, Economic Growth, and Public Policy. By Richard R. Nelson, M. J. Peck, and E. D. Kalachek.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Economic Behavior of the Affluent. By Robin Barlow, Harvey E. Brazer and James N. Morgan.

Business Finance and Investments: The Theory of Business Finance: A Book of Readings. Edited by Stephen H. Archer and Charles A. D'Ambrosio.

Business Finance and Investments: C.F.A. Readings in Financial Analysis (First Edition). By The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysis.

Business Finance and Investments: Corporate Dividend Policy. By John A. Brittain.

Business Finance and Investments: Credit Management. By Robert Bartels.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Regulation of Interest Rates on Bank Deposits. By Albert H. Cox, Jr.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Politics and the Regulatory Agencies. By William L. Cary.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Monetary Theory and Policy. By Richard A. Ward.

Financial Institutions and Markets: The Currencies and Financial System of Mainland China. By Tadao Miyashita.

International Finance: Economic Policies Toward Less Developed Countries. By Harry G. Johnson.

International Finance: International Aid: An Introduction to the Problem of the Flow of Public Resources from Rich to Poor Countries. By I.M.D. Little and J. M. Clifford.

International Finance: Public International Lending for Development. By Raymond F. Mikesell.

International Finance: International Financial Aid. By Wolfgang G. Feiedmann, George Kalmanoff and Robert Meagher.

Public Finance: Public Economics. By Leif Johansen.

Public Finance: Studies in the Economics of Income Maintenance. Edited by Otto Eckstein.

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