• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 973-1035
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1969.tb01717.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Macro‐Economic Theory: A Mathematical Treatment. By R. G. D. Allen.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: acroeconomic Theory and Stabilization Policy. By John M. Culbertson.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Economic Planning and Policies in Britain, France and Germany. By Malcolm MacLennan, Murray Forsyth and Geoffrey Denton.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: The Job Content of the U.S. Economy, 1940–1970. By James G. Scoville.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Readings in the Modern Theory of Economic Growth. Edited by Joseph E. Stiglitz and Hirofumi Uzawa.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: 4 Monetary Policy for Latin America. By Pierre Uri, together with Nicholas Kaldor, Richard Ruggles, and Robert Triffin.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: lue, Capital, and Growth: Papers in Honour of Sir John Hicks. Edited by J. N. Wolfe.

Business Finance and Investments: Risk and Uncertainty: Proceedings of a Conference Held by the International Economic Association. Edited by Karl Borch and Jan Mossin.

Business Finance and Investments: Personal Trust Investment Management. C. F. A. Research Foundation (Monograph Series Number 2).

Business Finance and Investments: Managerial Finance. By Salomon J. Flink and Donald Grunewald.

Business Finance and Investments: Theory of Valuation. By Charles L. Hubbard and Clark A. Hawkins.

Business Finance and Investments: Business Combinations: Planning and Action. By Arthur. Wyatt and Donald E. Kiesos.

Business Finance and Investments: Capital Budgeting: The Economic Evaluation of Investment Projects. By William H. Jean.

Business Finance and Investments: The Cost of Capital. By Wilbur G. Lewellen.

Business Finance and Investments: Measuring the Investment Performance of Pension Funds for the Purpose of Inter‐Fund Comparison. By James Lorie

Business Finance and Investments: Decision Analysis: Introductory Lectures on Choices Under Uncertainty. By Howard Raiffa.

Business Finance and Investments: Guide to Convertible Securities. By William Schwartz and Julius Spellman.

Business Finance and Investments: Corporation Finance, Policy, Planning, Administration. By Paul M. Van Arsdell.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Competition and Controls in Banking. By David A. Alhadeff.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Investment Banking and the New Issues Market. By Irwin Friend, James R. Longstreet, Morris Mendelson, Ervin Miller, and Arleigh P. Hess, Jr.

Financial Institutions and Markets: The New York Money Market and the Finance of Trade, 1900–1913. By C. A. E. Goodhart.

Financial Institutions and Markets: A Study of Wholesale Banking Behavior. By Neil B. Murphy.

Financial Institutions and Markets: The Organization of Industry. By George J. Stigler.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Mutual Savings Banks: The Evolution of a Financial Intermediary. By Weldon Welfling.

International Finance: Financial Capital Flows in the U.S. Balance of Payments. By William H. Branson.

International Finance: Readings in the Euro‐Dollar. Edited by Eric Chalmers.

International Finance: American Business Abroad: Six Lectures on Direct Investment. By Charles P. Kindleberger.

International Finance: Toward an Orderly Market: An Intensive Study of Japan's Voluntary Quota in Cotton Textile Imports. By John Lynch.

Public Finance: Nigerian Federal Finance. By Adebayo Adede ji.

Public Finance: Governmental Problem‐Solving: A Computer Simulation of Municipal Budgeting. By John P. Crecine.

Public Finance: Budgeting Public Funds: The Decision Process in an Urban School District. By Donald Gerwin.

Public Finance: State and Local Tax Problems. Edited by Harry L. Johnson.

Public Finance: Public Expenditures in Communist and Capitalist Nations. By Frederic L. Pryor.

Public Finance: The Metropolitan Enigma: Inquiries into the Nature and Dimensions of America's “Urban Crisis.” Edited by James Q. Wilson.

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