• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 553-591
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1969.tb00382.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Studies in Economic Stabilization. Edited by Albert Ando, E. Cary Brown, and Ann F. Friedlaender.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Britain's Economic Prospects. By Richard E. Caves and Associates.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Why Growth Rates Differ. By Edward F. Denison.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Monetary Economics: Readings. Edited by Alan D. Entine.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: The Costs of Economic Growth. By Ezra J. Mishan.

Business Finance and Investments: Investment Decision‐Making. By Albert I. A. Bookbinder.

Business Finance and Investments: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management. By Jerome B. Cohen and Edward D. Zinbarg.

Business Finance and Investments: Financial Management and Policy. By James C. Van Horne.

Business Finance and Investments: Basic Financial Management: Text, Problems and Cases. By Edward J. Mock, Robert E. Schultz, Raymond G. Schultz and Donald Hart Shuckett.

Business Finance and Investments: The Management of Capital Expenditures. By Robert G. Murdick and Donald D. Deming.

Financial Institutions and Markets: The Retail Price Structure in American Life Insurance. By Joseph M. Belth.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Finances and Banking. Edited by Zdzislaw Fedorowicz.

Financial Institutions and Markets: The Five‐Year Outlook For Interest Rates. Edited by Herbert V. Prochnow.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Mutual Savings Banks and Savings and Loan Associations. By Alan Teck.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Money in the Computer Age. By F. P. Thomson.

Financial Institutions and Markets: The Management of Cyclical Liquidity of Commercial Banks. By G. Walter Woodworth.

International Finance: Trade Liberalization Among Industrial Countries. By Bela Balassa.

International Finance: Studies in Trade Liberalization: Problems and Prospects for the Industrial Countries. By Bela Balassa and Associates.

International Finance: Monetary Reform and The Price of Gold—Alternative Approaches. Edited by Randall Hinshaw.

International Finance: Overseas Manufacturing Investment and the Balance of Payments. By G. C. Hufbauer and F. M. Adler.

International Finance: The Open Economy: Essays on International Trade and Finance. Edited by Peter B. Kenen and Roger Lawrence.

Public Finance: Illinois Municipal Finance. By Glenn W. Fisher and Robert P. Fairbanks.

Public Finance: Budget Concepts for Economic Analysis. Edited by Wilfred Lewis, Jr.

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