• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 179-231
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1970.tb00434.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Macroeconomics: Income and Monetary Theory. By Joseph Aschheim AND Cheng‐Yao Hsieh.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: The Brookings Model: Some Further Results. Edited by James S. Duesenberry, Gary Fromm, Lawrence R. Klein, and Edwin Kuh.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Macroeconomic Activity: Theory, Forecasting, and Control. By Michael K. Evans.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: An Introduction to Macroeconomic Models. By K. C. Kogiku.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: On Keynesian Economies and the Economies of Keynes. By Axel Leijonhufvud.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: The Growing Economy. By James E. Meade.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Six Papers on the Size Distribution of Wealth and Income. Studies in Income and Wealth, Volume 33. Edited by Lee Soltow.

Business Finance and Investments: Fund Accounting. By Harry D. Kerrigan.

Business Finance and Investments: Theory of Financial Structure. By Glen A. Mumey.

Business Finance and Investments: The Economies of Computers. By William F. Sharpe.

Business Finance and Investments: Rate of Return Under Regulation: New Directions and Perspectives. Edited by Harry M. Trebing and R. Hayden Howard.

Business Finance and Investments: Real Estate Investment Analysis and Taxation. By PAUL F. Wendt and Alan R. Cerf.

Business Finance and Investments: Readings in Investment Analysis. Edited by David A. West.

Financial Institutions and Markets: The Credit Market, Investment Planning and Monetary Policy—An Econometric Study of Manufacturing Industries. By Gunnar Eliasson.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Financial Structure and Development. By Raymond W. Goldsmith.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Tax Reform Act of 1969: A Consideration of Provisions Affecting Commercial Banks. By Carter H. Golembe Associates.

Financial Institutions and Markets: The Future of Thrift Institutions: A Study of Diversification Versus Specialization. By Leo Grebler.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Money, Banking and the Nation's Income. By David T. Lapkin.

Financial Institutions and Markets: The London Discount Market. By W. M. Scammel.

International Finance: The Economies of Foreign Aid. By Raymond F. Mikesell.

International Finance: The Return to Gold, 1925: The Formulation of Economic Policy and Its Critics. By D. E. Moggridge.

International Finance: Monetary Problems of the International Economy. Edited by Robert A. Mundell and Alexander K. Swoboda.

International Finance: Money and the Balance of Payments. By Tibor Scitovsky.

Public Finance: Alternative Approaches to Capital Gains Taxation. By Martin David.

Public Finance: Unemployment, Idle Capacity, and the Evaluation of Public Expenditures: National and Regional Analyses. By Robert H. Haveman and John V. Krutilla.

Public Finance: Fiscal Systems. By Richard A. Musgrave.

Public Finance. By CARL S. Shoup.

Public Finance: The Individual Income Tax and Economic Growth: An International Comparison. By Vito Tanzi.

Public Finance: Fiscal Systems and Practices in Asian Countries. By Angel O. Yoingco and Ruben F. Trinidad.

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