• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 706-740
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1970.tb00547.x

Book reviewed in this article:

AggregatJJ Theory and Policy Income and Wealth. By Edward Ames.

Controlling Monetary Aggregates: Proceedings of the Monetary Conference Held on Nantucket Island, June 8–10, 1969. Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Essays on Interest Rates, Volume I. Edited by Jack M. Guttentag and Phillip Cagan

Business Finance and InvestmentsAn Introduction to Risk and Return from Common Stocks. BY Richard A. Brealey.

Capital Allocation Theory: The Study of Investment Decisions. By Gerald A. Fleischer.

Quantitative Analysis of Financial Decisions. By James C. T. Mao.

Microeconomics and Decision Models of the Firm. By Thomas H. Naylor and John M. Vernon.

Financial Institutions and MarketsModern Techniques in Bank Management. Edited by Douglas V. Austin and Gene S. Booker.

The Price of Money, 1946 to 1969: An Analytical Study of United States and Foreign Interest Rates. By Sidney Homer and Richard I. Johannesen.

Innovations in Bank Management: Selected Readings. Edited by Paul F. Jessup.

The Federal Home Loan Bank Board. By Thomas B. Marvell.

Municipal Bond Finance and Administration: A Practical Guide to the Analysis of Tax Exempt Securities. By Alan Rabinowitz.

Readings in Financial Markets and Institutions. Edited by J. Van Fenstermaker.

International FinanceResource Flows to Less Developed Countries. By Clive S. Gray.

A Structural Model of the U.S. Balance of Payments. By Martin F. J. Prachowny. Amsterdam and London: North‐Holland, 1969. Pp. 176. $9.50.

Readings in International Financial Management. Edited by Arthur I. Stonehill.

International Financial Management. By David B. Zenoff and Jack Zwick

Public FinanceTaxes and Politics: A Study of Illinois Public Finance. By Glenn W. Fisher.

The Taxation of Income from Capital. Edited by Arnold C. Harberger and Martin J. Bailey.

Commonwealth‐State Financial Relations in Australia. By James A. Maxwell.

Tax Impacts on Compensation. Sponsored by Tax Institute of America

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