• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 954-996
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1970.tb00580.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Aggregate Theory and PolicyThe Business Cycle in a Changing World. By Arthur F. Burns.

Macroeconomic Analysis: An Introduction to Comparative Statics and Dynamics. By Thomas F. Dernburg and Judith D. Dernburg.

The Short‐Run Demand for Workers and Hours. By Ray C. Fair.

Economic Forecasts and Expectations: Analysis of Forecasting Behavior and Performance. Edited by Jacob Mincer.

Business Finance and InvestmentsManaging Educational Endowments: Report to the Ford Foundation. By The Advisory Committee on Endowment Management.

Corporate Financial Reporting: Conflicts and Challenges. Edited by John C. Burton.

Introduction to Business Finance. BY Richard T. Cherry.

Pooling and Purchase Accounting. By Dean S. Eiteman. Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Pension Fund Investment Management. Edited by Esmond B. Gardner. C.F.A. Research Foundation Monograph Series Number 3.

Strategies and Rational Decisions in the Securities Options Market. By Burton G. Malkiel and Richard E. Quandt.

Cash Management: Methods and Models. By Yair E. Orgler.

Operating Budgets. By William J. Vatter.

Financial Institutions and MarketsMoney, Credit and Banking. By William E. Dunkman.

The Competitive Impact of New Branches. By Ernest Kohn and Carmen J. Carlo.

The One‐Bank Holding Company. Edited by Herbert V. Prochnow.

Money. By Lawrence S. Ritter and William L. Silber.

Portfolio Behavior of Financial Institutions: An Empirical Study with Implications for Monetary Policy, Interest‐Rate Determination, and Financial Model‐Building. By William L. Silber.

Banking Computer Style: The Impact of Computers on Small and Medium‐Sized Banks. By James A. Vaughan and Avner M. Porat, with a Contribution by John A. Haas.

International FinanceThe International Market for Foreign Exchange. Edited by Robert Z. Aliber.

International Financial Decisions. By Sune Carlson.

Financial Integration in Western Europe. By Etienne‐Sadi Kirschen, with H. S. Block and W. B. Bassett.

International Bond Issues of the Less‐Developed Countries: Diagnosis and Prescription. By Hang‐Sheng Cheng.

A Contribution to the General Equilibrium Theory of Preferential Trading. By Murray Kemp.

Financing World Trade: An Appraisal of the International Monetary System and of Proposals for Reform. By Raymond F. Mikesell.

United States Taxation of Foreign Investment Income: Issues and Arguments. By Peggy B. Musgrave.

Public FinanceSharing Federal Funds for State and Local Needs: Grants‐in‐Aid and PPB Systems. By Selma J. Mushkin and John F. Cotton.

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