• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 193-240
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1971.tb00613.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Industry Production Behavior: The Order‐Stock Distinction. By David A. Belsley.

Mathematical Theories of Economic Growth. By Edwin Burmeister and A. Rodney Dobell.

America's Greatest Depression, 1929–1941. By Lester V. Chandler.

Modern Political Arithmetic. By Bruce F. Davie and Bruce F. Duncombe.

The Seasonal Variation of Interest Rates. By Stanley Diller.

Monetary Statistics of the United States: Estimates, Sources, Methods. By Milton Friedman and Anna jacobson Schwartz.

International Comparisons of Money Velocity and Wage Mark‐ups. By John H. Hotson.

Economics: Mainstream Readings and Radical Critiques. Edited with Introductions by David Mermelstein.

Managing the Resource Allocation Process: A Study of Corporate Planning and Investment. By Joseph L. Bower.

Principles of Financial Management. By Ward S. Curran.

Basic Managerial Finance. By Adolph E. Grunewald and Erwin Esser Nemmers.

The Investment Process. Edited by John M. Lishan and David T. Crary.

L'Ordinateur Speculateur. By Jean Semah, Christian Serres and Bernard Tessier.

The Formulation of Expected Interest Rates: An Examination of Alternative Hypotheses. By Frank J. Bonello.

Economic Policy and the Regulation of Corporate Securities. Edited by Henry G. Manne.

Money and Banking: Theory, Analysis, and Policy. Edited by S. Mittra.

A Financial History of the United States. By Margaret G. Myers.

Money in an African Context By W. T. Newlyn.

Financial Institutions and Markets By Murray E. Polakoff and others.

Finance and Development in Thailand. By Alek A. Rozental.

Bank Costs for Decision Making: Costing Procedures for Pricing Bank Services. By John R. Walker.

Approaches to Greater Flexibility of Exchange Rates: The Bürgenstock Papers. Arranged by C. Fred Bergston, George N. Halm, Fritz Machlup, and Robert V. Roosa.

The International, Adjustment Mechanism. Caves, et al.

Balance‐of‐Payments Policy. By B. J. Cohen.

The International Monetary System. By Herbert G. Grubel. Baltimore: Penguin Books Inc., 1970. Pp. 208. $1.65 (paper).

International Economics. By Robert A. Mundell.

Federal Revenue Sharing With the States. By Michael E. Levy and Juan de Torres.

The Politics and Economics of State‐Local Finance. By L. L. Ecker‐Racz.

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