• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 807-839
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1971.tb01744.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Aggregate Theory and Policy: A Century of Pay. By E. H. Phelps Brown with Margaret H. Browne.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Targets and Indicators of Monetary Policy. Edited by Karl Brunner.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Bankers' Diplomacy: Monetary Stabilization in the Twenties. By Richard H. Meyer.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Industrial Market Structure and Economic Performance. By Frederic M. Scherer.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: The Political Economy of Prosperity. By Arthur M. Okun.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Setting National Priorities: The 1971 Budget. By Charles L. Schultze with Edward K. Hamilton and Allen Schick.

Aggregate Theory and Policy: Economic Forecasting. By Herman O. Stekler.

Business Finance and Investments: An Integrated Analysis For Managerial Finance. By M. Chapman Findlay, III, and Edward E. Williams.

Business Finance and Investments: Cases in Managerial Finance. By Eugene F. Brigham, Timothy J. Nantell, Robert T. Aubey, and Stephen L. Hawk.

Business Finance and Investments: The Predictability of Stock Market Prices. By C. W. J. Granger and O. Morgenstern.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Banking in the 1970's. By The Institute of Bankers.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Mutual Funds and Other Institutional Investors: A New Perspective. By Irwin Friend, Marshall Blume and Jean Crockett.

Financial Institutions and Markets: Economic Factors in the Growth of Corporation Giving. By Ralph L. Nelson.

International Finance: National Interests and the Multinational Enterprise. By Jack N. Behrman.

International Finance: The Joint Venture Process in International Business: India and Pakistan. By James W. C. Tomlinson.

International Finance: The Case Against Floating Exchanges. By Paul Einzig.

International Finance: Forward Exchange and Internal‐External Equilibrium (Michigan International Business Studies Number 12), by Jay H. Levin.

International Finance: The Technology Factor in International Trade. Edited by Raymond Vernon.

Public Finance: Education, Income, and Human Capital. Edited by W. Lee Hansen.

Public Finance: Psychological Approaches to the Study of Saving. By Folke Olander and Carl‐Magnus Seipel.

Public Finance: Halfway to Tax Reform. By Joseph A. Ruskay and Richard A. Osserman.

Public Finance: Public Investment Planning in Civilian Nuclear Power. By John M. Vernon.

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