• Published: Apr 30, 2012
  • Pages: 958-982
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.1972.tb01337.x

Book reviewed in this article:

Aggregate Theory and Policy; The Money Supply Process. By Albert E. Burger.

Macroeconomics. By Robert L. Crouch.

The Term Structure of Interest Rates. By Charles R. Nelson.

The Economic Theory of Fiscal Policy. By Alan Peacock and G. K. Shaw.

Money and Capacity Growth. By Jerome L. Stein.

Business Finance and Investments; Security Prices in a Competitive Market: More about Risk and Return from Common Stocks. By Richard A. Brealey.

Portfolio Theory and Capital Markets. By William F. Sharpe.

Financial Planning and Management—A Budgetary Approach. By Donald E. Vaughn, Richard L. Norgaard, and Hite Bennett.

Financial Institutions and Markets; Housing and Monetary Policy.

New Series on Home Mortgage Yields since 1951. By Jack M. Guttentag and Morris Beck.

Business Loan Costs and Bank Market Structure: An Empirical Estimate of Their Relations. By Donald P. Jacobs.

The Economics of the Stock Market. By Richard R. West and Seha M. Tinic.

International Finance; Essays in International Economics. By J. Marcus Fleming.

Public Finance; The Measurement of Fiscal Policy. By Barry Bracewell‐Milnes.

Public Expenditure. By Jesse Burkhead and Jerry Miner.

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