Do Bank Relationships Affect the Firm's Underwriter Choice in the Corporate‐Bond Underwriting Market?

  • Author(s): AYAKO YASUDA
  • Published: May 03, 2005
  • Pages: 1259-1292
  • DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-6261.2005.00761.x


This paper studies the effect of bank relationships on underwriter choice in the U.S. corporate‐bond underwriting market following the 1989 commercial‐bank entry. I find that bank relationships have positive and significant effects on a firm's underwriter choice, over and above their effects on fees. This result is sharply stronger for junk‐bond issuers and first‐time issuers. I also find that there is a significant fee discount when there are relationships between firms and commercial banks. Finally, I find that serving as arranger of past loan transactions has the strongest effect on underwriter choice, whereas serving merely as participant has no effect.

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