Investment Analyst, Oil & Gas Sector

Title: Investment Analyst, Oil & Gas Sector

  • Employer: Capital Research Company
  • Website:
  • Working hours: Full-time
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Job Description:

    About Capital Research Company

    Capital Research Company (CRC) is a research subsidiary of Capital Research & Management Company (CRMC), which in turn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Capital Group Companies, Inc. (CGC), a worldwide collection of investment research & manage¬ment businesses. Investment research conducted at CRC informs the equity & fixed income investments made by CRMC on behalf of the American Funds family of mutual funds.

    Job Description:

    The Investment Analyst, Oil & Gas Sector, will conduct research, investigate, & analyze macroeconomic, financial, stock market & corporation-specific information for use by mutual fund portfolio managers in determining the advisability of making equity investments in corporations, primarily in Asia, engaged in exploration, transport, distribution, & sale of crude oil, natural gas & liquid natural gas (LNG), and/or in the manufacture & sale of machinery & equipment for the extraction or transport of oil & gas. Make independent investment decisions for portions of selected portfolios. Gather data from regional political reports, publications of international organizations monitoring the economic status of world regions & countries, global economic indices & studies of financial & market status of companies under consideration for investment. Monitor stock exchange trading in oil & gas-related equities. Consult multiple statistical indicators & indices & monitor financial periodicals to keep abreast of global demand, policy developments & factors affecting the availability of oil & gas & related products & services. Use advanced applications of quantitative modeling software (primarily Excel) to develop business development & profitability models, perform scenario analyses & make predictions concerning return on investments in selected stocks & securities. Use multivariate statistical methods to devise metrics, for ultimate use in making investment decisions, which seek to predict the manner in which various leading indicators (supply, demand & possible price escalators) contribute to the prices of oil & gas. Conduct empirical studies of corporations under consideration for investment & evaluate their comparative performance using financial software (e.g. Factset & Bloomberg) & analyses of corporate assets & cash, including calculations of internal rates of return, net present values, & discounted cash flows. Evaluate projections published by oil companies in Asia, & by various agencies, regarding prices & available reserves & reservoir capacities. Gather technical information describing innovations affecting oil & gas availability, with emphasis on R&D in relevant engineering, oil & gas extraction, production, refining & transport processes. Recommend investment timing & buy-and-sell orders to investment fund managers. Travel internationally, primarily to Asia, to conduct “strategic fundamental analyses” of corporations in the oil & gas industry & related areas.


    Bachelors degree in finance, economics, or business administration, or in a similar major, plus a minimum of five (5) years of experience as an investment analyst, energy industry analyst, oil or gas trader, or in a similar position, OR a Masters degree in finance, economics, or business administration, or in a similar major, plus a minimum of three (3) years of experience as an investment analyst, energy industry analyst, oil or gas trader, or in a similar position (Experience gained prior to Masters is acceptable).

    Must be willing to travel abroad, primarily to Asia, approximately 6 trips per year, each trip lasting 7 to 10 days.

    Requires experience as follows:

    • Developing and testing statistical models to predict prices of oil and natural gas (or LNG) in Asian markets

    • Accessing statistics from global monitoring agencies (e.g., IEA, IAOGP), and oil producers, to analyze potential product specifications, sub-market production capabilities, and prices of specific oil grades

    • Credit analysis through interpretation of financial statements and balance sheets in the oil, gas or LNG industries

    • Macroeconomic analysis, including monitoring of government legislative and regulatory acts affecting the oil and gas (or LNG) industries

    Requires training or experience as follows:

    • Corporate fundamental analysis using strategic methodologies (DuPont Analysis, Porter competitiveness analysis, Kotler market competitiveness analysis), capital allocation analysis, and audits

    • Quantitative analysis to evaluate corporate financing, including discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, return on investment (ROI) analysis, internal rate of return analysis, recapitalization analysis, alpha beta analysis and comparable companies analysis

    • Quantitative modeling and analysis using advanced applications of Excel (i.e. macros, Goal Seeker or Solver)

    • Construction of multivariate regression models using statistical software (e.g. Excel, SAS)

  • Other Info:

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