Investment Analyst, Asian Equities

Title: Investment Analyst, Asian Equities

  • Employer: Capital Research Company
  • Website:
  • Working hours: Full-time
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Job Description:

    About Capital Research Company

    Capital Research Company (CRC) is a research subsidiary of Capital Research & Management Company (CRMC), which in turn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Capital Group Companies, Inc. (CGC), a worldwide collection of investment research & manage¬ment businesses. Investment research conducted at CRC informs the equity & fixed income investments made by CRMC on behalf of the American Funds family of mutual funds.

    Job Description:

    The Investment Analyst, Asian Equities, will conduct research, investigate & analyze macroeconomic, financial, stock market, & corporation-specific information for use by mutual fund portfolio managers in determining the advisability of making equity investments in small-cap & mid-cap corporations. Research will emphasize companies in Japan & South Korea, primarily those that manufacture semiconductors & high-technology products, including precision instruments & medical technology devices. Make independent investment decisions for portions of selected portfolios. Conduct macroeconomic studies, including analyses of government legislative & regulatory acts affecting monetary policies & interest rates, to predict countrywide & regional economic stability, growth potential of target industry sectors & strength of relevant currencies. To keep abreast of world markets in target industries & predict trends in product & services demand, gather data from regional political reports, investment prospecti, global economic indices & publications of international organizations monitoring the economic status of world regions & countries. Maintain data on market performance of semiconductor, medical & precision instrument end-market users. Monitor stock exchange trading in selected industry equities & interpret data concerning price, yield, stability & likely future values of equities under study. Conduct in-depth on-site fundamental analysis studies of the operational & financial circumstances of particular corporations, using strategic methodologies (DuPont analysis), analyzing financial statements, capital structure, & business performance indicators, & examining the sophistication, quality & global marketa¬bility of their products. Perform scenario analyses & develop models using financial software (Factset, Bloomberg, Capital IQ, PacificData) & perform analyses such as calculations of internal rates of return, net present values & discounted cash flows. Using advanced applications of Excel (macros pivot tables, indexes, Solver toolkits) & other analysis software, engage in quantitative analyses to develop financial models & estimate effects of trends in economic, demographic & political influences pertinent to equity investments. Recommend investment timing & buy-and-sell orders to fund managers. Travel internationally throughout Asia to conduct fundamental analysis visits to companies under consideration for investment.


    Bachelors degree in finance, economics or business administration, or in a similar major, plus a minimum of five (5) years of experience as an investment analyst or in a similar position, OR a Masters degree in finance, economics or business administration, or in a similar major, plus a minimum of three (3) years of experience as an investment analyst or in a similar position (Experience gained prior to Masters is acceptable).

    Requires minimum 2 years of experience in buy-side equity investment analysis for small-cap and mid-cap companies in Asia.

    Must be willing to travel to Asia, approximately 6 trips per year, each trip lasting 7 to 10 days.

    Requires experience as follows:

    • Investment analysis for high-technology equities (e.g., medical technology, precision instrumentation, semiconductor industries)

    • Analyzing and interpreting business performance indicators in the semiconductor, medical technology and precision instrumentation industries

    • Macroeconomic analysis, including monitoring of government legislative and regulatory acts affecting interest rates and monetary policies

    • Use of database access and financial analysis software (i.e., FactSet, Capital IQ, Bloomberg, PacificData), for financial modeling and scenario analysis for equities investing

    • Quantitative corporate analysis, including leveraged buyout (LBO) analysis, discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, internal rate of return analysis, recapitalization analysis, and comparable companies analysis

    • Corporate fundamental analysis using strategic methodologies (DuPont Analysis), capital allocation analysis, audits, and on-site data-collecting

    • Quantitative modeling and analysis using advanced applications of Excel (i.e., macros, pivot tables, indexes, Solver toolkits)

    • Construction of multivariate regression models using statistical software (e.g., Excel, SAS)

  • Other Info:

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