Senior Lecturer* in Business Administration, with a specialisation in Finance

Title: Senior Lecturer* in Business Administration, with a specialisation in Finance

  • Reference #: Ref. No. SU 612-3382-12
  • Employer: Stockholm University School of Business
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Job Description:

    Senior Lecturer* in Business Administration, with a specialisation in Finance, at the School of Business.
    Ref. No. SU 612-3382-12. Deadline for application: February 20, 2013

    *Senior Lecturer (”universitetslektor” in Swedish) is a tenured position approximately equivalent to Senior Lecturer (UK) or Associate Professor (US).

    The successful candidate will be expected to develop, manage and execute both basic and advanced level courses within finance, as well as courses for our Executive Education in Sweden and internationally. The position also includes thesis supervision on all levels, course development, being responsible for courses and contributing to the further development of the School’s research and teaching within the subject area. This includes independent research as well as developing a strong research connection within finance programmes. Contributing to the School’s internal development is also an important aspect of the position. Teaching is largely conducted in English.

    Qualification requirements
    Qualified to be employed as a senior lecturer is a person who has been awarded a PhD in business administration with a specialisation in corporate finance or financial economics, or has the corresponding scientific competence and has demonstrated teaching expertise in the area of corporate finance or financial economics.
    Teaching proficiency should be demonstrated through teaching experience in both first and second cycle education. The teaching expertise is to be well-documented in a manner which makes it possible to assess the quality of the teaching activities.
    The applicant must have the ability to cooperate as well as the ability and suitability otherwise needed to perform the duties well.

    Assessment criteria
    Special and equal emphasis will be paid to scientific proficiency demonstrated through independent research, and teaching proficiency demonstrated through independent teaching and thesis supervision within finance. Recent publications in international journals (during the last five years) will be considered a great merit when evaluating scientific expertise and research activity.
    Strong emphasis will be paid to a documented ability to cooperate well with colleagues and fellow researchers.
    Emphasis will be paid to administrative proficiency and the ability to collaborate with the surrounding society and to inform about the work of research and development.
    Emphasis will also be paid to successfully having applied for and received research funds for projects from external research funding bodies.
    It is a merit to have completed at least 7.5 higher education credits of higher education in teaching theory or have otherwise acquired the equivalent knowledge.

    Additional information
    A candidate who has not completed university pedagogical training of at least 7,5 higher education credits and who is not otherwise judged to have acquired similar skills will be required to undertake such training within the first two years of employment.
    Applicants not fluent in Swedish at the time of application should be prepared, within a couple of years, to carry out teaching and administration tasks that require knowledge of the Swedish language.

    In order to apply for this position, please use the Stockholm University web-based application form:
    To activate application form for this position
    To list all of your currently active applications

    It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application follows the template and that it is submitted before application deadline.
    Guidelines for the application are given in "Template for application for employment and for promotion to the rank of professor or senior lecturer at Stockholm University". The template and other relevant documents – see

    Disclaimer: In case of a discrepancy between the Swedish original and the English translation of the job announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.

    Relevant web-sites for further information
    Stockholm University:
    School of Business:

  • Application Deadline: 02/20/2013
  • Other Info:

    For information about the position, please contact Professor Thomas Hartman, Dean of the School of Business, telephone: +46-(0)8-16 46 64, e-mail:
    For questions concerning the handling of the application and the guidelines for the application, please contact the administrative official Monireh Sulemani, telephone +46-(0)8-16 2048, e-mail:  

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