The IAFOR North American Conference on Business and Public Policy 2014

  • Institution The International Academic Forum
  • Event Type Conference
  • Date October 01, 2014 - October 04, 2014
  • Venue Providence Marriott Downtown
  • Location Providence, RI, United States
  • Details

    2014 Conference Theme: “The Data-Enriched Enterprise” The International Academic Forum in conjunction with its global university and institutional partners is proud to announce the Inaugural North American Conference on Business and Public Policy. The roles, interactions and boundaries between and among industry, government and the public have blurred as a result of global shifts and disruptive innovations. “Business as usual” may have little meaning in formerly socialist but newly privatized states, or in industries recently salvaged by government as “too big to fail”. Underlying these dramatic changes are advances in technology and communications that cross both national and sector borders, generating data that informs policy, data that transcends traditional notions of volume, velocity and variety. The theme of this conference is “The Data-Enriched Enterprise”, as data supplements or replaces intuition and creates new opportunities for businesses, for governments, and for partnerships. This conference invites and encourages active participation of academics, policy-makers and business professionals. Functional areas of management, marketing, accounting, finance, logistics, operations all can make significant contributions to the conference theme and related concerns. Also encouraged are papers on public policy effectiveness, efficiency and equity, on tax and fiscal policy, and on their implications for wealth redistribution. We look forward to seeing you at NACBPP 2014! Professor Jerry Platt NACBPP 2014 Conference Chair Professor Emeritus, College of Business, San Francisco State University, USA Vice-Chair, IAFOR International Advisory Board Director, IAFOR Economics Research Institute

  • Cost (USD) Earlybird Registration $350 USD Regular Registration $450 USD
  • Submission Deadline06-01-2014
  • Registration Deadline09-01-2014
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