Call for Proposals: Consequences of Low Interest Rates in Asset Management

  • Institution GRI: Global Risk Institute
  • Event Type Call for Paper
  • Date April 03, 2014 - September 07, 2014
  • Location 55 University Avenue,Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2H7 Canada
  • Details

    Each of the documents below must be submitted to by a designated team leader in either English or French. The Proposal – approximately 10 pages. All proposals must include: 1) An executive summary – 300 to 500 words detailing proposal. 2) A research plan including a review of the existing literature. 3)Data needs (market, variables, period…). 4) Expected outcomes and timeline. 5) A detailed budget. 6) Organization (composition of the team and a brief biography for each team member). 7) One page agreement signed by each member of the team. Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered. Researchers will be notified of funding awards by October 30, 2014.

  • Booking Details

    The Global Risk Institute in Financial Services (GRI) is calling for proposals for 1-3 year research projects on the effects of low interest rates on asset allocation. The total amount earmarked for each project is CAD 150,000 per year. The proposal deadline is September 1, 2014. This grant focuses on answering the question, “What is the impact of low-for-long interest rates on asset management strategies?” The purpose of the project is to determine whether a low interest rate environment leads to increasingly leveraged strategies and/or new asset allocations such as Non-Financial Assets. Are the implied consequences and risks of a low interest rate environment and highly correlated asset classes well assessed, measured and accounted for? The core deliverable of this research project will be at least one academic paper and a final report. The Call for Proposals guideline can be found at and any inquiries can be sent to

  • Submission Deadline09-01-2014
  • Registration Deadline09-01-2014
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  • Phone +1 (416) 306-1180
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