Financial Development, Financial Stability and Regulation: Lessons from the Present and the Past

  • Institution European Banking Center
  • Event Type Call for Paper
  • Date October 26, 2014 - October 27, 2014
  • Time 10.00 am
  • Venue t.b.a.
  • Location Tilburg University
  • Details

    We are inviting high quality submissions of theoretical and empirical nature. Topics include the following, but are not limited to: Bank Capital and Liquidity - How should we measure bank capital? How large should capital buffers be and when does prompt corrective action need to be triggered? - What are the determinants of bank capital? What are the social and private costs and benefits of leverage, and how can they be measured? - Deleveraging and bank performance following heightened bank capital requirements. How (fast) do banks adjust their balance sheet? Is deviating from optimal or regulatory targets costly and value-destroying? - Do liquidity requirements lead to better risk management and less systemic risk? Experiences from History - How did financial regulation evolve during the last two centuries? - How did regulation respond to large financial crises? - Did (the absence of) regulation prompt financial instability? - What was the role of the Gold (or Silver) Standard in transmitting liquidity shocks? - Are there any significant events that can inform the current academic debate on financial regulation? Regulation, monetary policy and economic performance - How should bank capital requirements vary with the business cycle? - What does bank regulation imply for the optimal monetary policy design over the business cycle? - What does more financial regulation mean for firm entry, firm-level investment and economic growth? Bank Size and Complexity - Is it necessary to limit size and or complexity? Does it help preventing the moral hazard of “too big to fail”? - Does putting limits on bank size and activities yield more credible resolutions plans and better recovery prospects? Governance, competition, and internationalization More information via

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    More information on the Financial Stability conference via

  • Cost (USD) t.b.a.
  • Submission Deadline05-31-2014
  • Registration Deadline09-30-2014
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  • Contact Carina Schlosser
  • Email
  • Phone 0031 13 466 2468
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