Second International Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences (GB14 Conference)

  • Institution Global Business Research Journals
  • Event Type Conference
  • Date July 11, 2014 - July 13, 2014
  • Time 9.00 am
  • Venue Hyatt Regency, 365, Anna Salai, Chennai-India
  • Location Chennai-India
  • Details

    Of late, the World has been facing many economic challenges. Widening income inequality, fragile global economic and financial system, rising structural unemployment and resultant social unrest in different parts of the World and the ‘Sovereign Debt Crisis’ in the Eurozone, are the most prominent among them. Climate change-related developments and scarcity of natural resources pose serious challenges to the international business and the World. For instance, according to a research report, there will be a tripling of the middle class by the year 2030. In other words, a little closer to 2 billion people will be added to the middle income group by the year 2030 bringing 80% of the World population into the middle income bracket. This phenomenal growth in consumption patterns poses greater challenges to the global economic system and the international trade, banking and financial services. Natural resources such as water, crude oil, gas reserves, minerals etc., are gradually depleting. So, there is an imminent need to analyze the root-causes of the above problems and make a coordinated effort to solve these issues so that both the present and future generations live in peace and harmony. Against this background, this conference provides a platform to academicians, scholars, researchers and industry practitioners to share their insights, views and research findings with the fellow academicians/researchers from different parts of the World. More specifically, this conference attempts to: a) Make a coordinated attempt to identify and analyze sustainability-related economic issues and challenges being faced by the humanity, today; b) Ensure that the business community and governments adopt renewable sources rather than the fast depleting resources such as farming, fishing, mining and fossil fuel; and c) Suggest appropriate methods to provide continued growth, prosperity and higher standard of living to the global citizen in a much more sustainable manner.

  • Booking Details

    Please submit your manuscripts/case studies in any of the areas indicated below: Accounting, Auditing, Business Ethics, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Currency Wars, Capital Markets, Corporate Social Responsibility, Quantitative Methods in Business, Global Trade, HRM, International Trade & Finance, Risk Management, Insurance, Financial Inclusion, Global Banking, Governance in Banking, Islamic Economy, Islamic Finance & Banking, Leadership, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Retailing, Sustainability, e-business, Tourism and other related fields. Sustainability related topics: Agricultural Innovation, Bio-diversity, Climate Change, Climate-Smart Agriculture, Community-driven Development, Culture Heritage and Sustainable Tourism, Food Crisis, Land Resources Management, Ocean and Hotel Management, Renewable Energy Resources, Solid Waste Management, Water Management, Water Resources Management and other related topics. The topics given above are just indicative in nature. You may submit your research works in any areas/fields related to business studies. You have the opportunity to publish your research articles in six peer reviewed international journals as well. Awards! Best Paper Award: Best Paper Awards will be presented to papers of exceptional merit in each major track which will be based on the recommendations of the Review Committee. Best Presenter Award (For Students Only): Best Presenter Awards will be presented to those who make outstanding presentations in each track which will be based on the recommendations of the Chair/Judges of the respective Technical Sessions.

  • Cost (USD) 350
  • Submission Deadline05-15-2014
  • Registration Deadline06-10-2014
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  • Contact Dr. Elango Rengasamy
  • Email
  • Phone +971551696221
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