• Institution ECCCS, SKEMA Business School - FFBC Université Lille 2
  • Event Type Conference
  • Date March 16, 2014 - March 17, 2014
  • Venue SKEMA Business School, Lille Campus
  • Location Lille, France
  • Details

    WORKSHOP PRELIMINARY PROGRAM: Program Chair: Richard Roll – UCLA March 17, PHD SYMPOSIUM "Cash Windfalls and Acquisitions" Bastian von Beschwitz – INSEAD "Do Analysts Matter for Governance? Evidence from Natural Experiments" Tao Chen - Chinese University of Hong Kong "Shining Brighter Than The Stars? Corporate Evidence on Competing with Superstars" Philipp Horsch – University of St. Gallen "Do Managers Overreact to Salient Risks? Evidence from Hurricane Strikes" Adrien Matray – HEC Paris "Ownership Structure and Firm Value: Evidence from Mergers of Institutional Investors" Florian Munkel – University of Washington "Probability Weighting and Asset Prices: Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions" Baolian Wang – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology   March 18, WORKSHOP "A Dynamic Tradeoff Theory for Financially Constrained Firms" Patrick Bolton - Columbia Business School "Redacting Information at the Initial Public Offering" Audra Boone – Texas A&M University "Are Stock-Financed Takeovers Opportunistic?" Espen Eckbo - Dartmouth College “Motivated Monitors: The Importance of Institutional Investors’ Portfolio Weights” Jarrad Harford – University of Washington "Currency Appreciation Shocks and Shareholder Wealth Creation in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions" Micah Officer – Loyola Marymount University "The Washing Machine: Investment Strategies and Corporate Behavior with Socially Responsible Investors" Sébastien Pouget - Toulouse School of Economics "Distressed Investing" Henri Servaes – London Business School SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE E. ECKBO (Dartmouth College) – D. GROMB (INSEAD) – H. SERVAES (LBS) – R. ROLL (UCLA) – K. THORBURN (NHH) ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: H. BOLLAERT (SKEMA Business School) – E. de BODT (Univ. Lille Nord de France – SKEMA Business School) – A. SCHWIENBACHER (Univ. Lille Nord de France – SKEMA Business School) SPONSORS: La Fondation CMNE / La Française

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  • Registration Deadline03-05-2014
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