Conference on Banking, Finance, Money and Institutions: The Post Crisis Era

  • Institution Centre for Money, Banking & Institutions, University of Surrey (UK) & Center for Research in Contemporary Finance, Fordham University (USA)
  • Event Type Conference
  • Date November 01, 2013 - November 02, 2013
  • Venue Surrey Business School, University of Surrey
  • Location Guildford, UK
  • Details

    The Conference aims to provide a forum for debate among researchers and policy makers from around the world on the performance of banking and financial markets, financial stability and risk management, and the monetary, regulatory and institutional environment, in light of the recent financial crisis. Topics of special interest, although not confined to the ones below, are: --Financial Stability: Competition, liquidity, pro-cyclicality; risk assessment (systemic; individual institutions); financial crises and resolution --Financial regulation and Monetary policy: Basel III, macro-prudential regulation; monetary policy strategy under uncertainty; unconventional types of monetary policy, law and finance, the role of committees in setting monetary policy --Bank management: Role of leaders, risk management, internal control, corporate governance & remuneration reforms, mergers and acquisitions and bankruptcy, --Financial Markets: Globalization and integration, asset pricing and housing bubbles, behavioural finance. --Political economy: Role of public opinion and election, inequality and redistribution --Institutional development: the interaction of formal (political economy, regulations and its implementation) and informal (e.g., social norms, psychology) institutions with policy actions during the crisis The conference is jointly organized by the Centre for Money, Banking & Institutions (University of Surrey) and the Center for Research in Contemporary Finance (Fordham University, USA). The Guest Speakers of the conference are: Anthony Saunders, New York University, USA & Hans Degryse, University of Leuven, Belgium & Tilburg University, Netherlands Selected papers of high quality will be published in special issues in: Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments (Wiley-Blackwell) & International Review of Financial Analysis (Elsevier)

  • Submission Deadline06-15-2013
  • Registration Deadline09-15-2013
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